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My name is Stephanie. Welcome to my blog! This is my personal/kpop/kdrama/whatever blog. Once in a blue moon I'll make some random gifs. If you're interested in any of that stuff, please explore or follow. ask is always open!

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38/100 gifs of princess eunkwang (◠‿◠✿
130908 Thriller @ Inkigayo Comeback stage

The Many Faces of Changsub. (◕‿◕✿)

37/100 gifs of princess eunkwang (◠‿◠✿


1 ½ 的夏天, One and a half Summer 

seo in guk and his favorite dongsaeng © 

cr: adorable henry, do not edit.

when fans ask changsub and peniel to do a sexy dance

Beat It (Chanseob ver.)(Ft. Eunkwang)
by Michael Jackson
69 plays


Chanseob passionately covers Michael Jackson’s Beat It

Changsub freakin’ the shit out of eunkwang

Minhyuk parodying Rain and So Jisub’s famous scenes